March already –

It’s that time of year to start calling for your heating/cooling tune-up !


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December 2016

Happy Holidays and a Very Special New Year   ! !

November Headlines 2016

Christmas Parade – November 27, 2016 @ 3:00 – Mansfield, MA

img_2649-2img_2651-28 Classic Cars img_2653-2img_2655-2Santa Letters from Mansfield Women of Today


Need a volunteer next year for help during the parade – giving out the Candy.

You get to ride in Vinnie !!

_kmm0495img_2619The Hudson- November trip 2016

                                    Don’t forget !  Mark your calendars !

  Christmas Parade – November 27, 2016 @ 3:00 – Mansfield, MA


Veterans Parade – November 11, 2016 @ 10 – Mansfield, MA

_kmm0687_kmm0673_kmm0711_kmm0694_kmm0677        A great day for our Veterans!!

Veterans Parade – November 11, 2016 @ 10 – Mansfield, MA


                                                 The Oil Man Cometh11/01/2016

Here comes that time of year, when the colder months will require a heating technician,  I know we are not quite ready to admit the summer is over, but here we are starting the fall of 2016. During the summer we forget about our heating system, as we dash around to enjoy the good weather.  However, the heating season never forgets about us, that is why it is important to remember that preventative measure is worth a pound of the cure.

During the colder months we rely on our heating system to work efficiently. Why ?  Because the single most important thing to us is our families. It is important for us to keep our families warm and safe.

The preventive measures we take will help you do just that.

One way is to have you heating system checked out and cleaned once a year. This promotes efficiency of your heating system.  This also checks the system for the coming season.

Call us for your annual check up & clean out !   1-508-339-4473

October Headlines 2016

October  2016


Happy Halloween !!!!    

                                See you at the parade – Norton  !!

                         Don’t Forget to look for Vinnie !  He will be decorated in Spiders !



September 2016

Catch the dates for this years parades! Vinnie will be on hand for all occasions !

Halloween Parade – October 30, 2016 @ 12- Norton, Mass

                          Veterans Parade – November 11, 2016 @ 10 – Mansfield, MA

                                                   Christmas Parade – November 27, 2016 @ TBA  Mansfield, MA

Tis the Season – Go Patriots !!




                                                                                                 Go Red Sox 


June 2016

A Gigantic good luck & best wishes to the Supporters of The Children’s Museum 22nd Road and Walk Race on Father’s Day,  Easton, MA . Blue Skies for a pleasant day !

It is such a pleasure writing to help people with Energy Saving Ideas.

Our Energy saving tips 2016 !

Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc. Company is committed to saving you money year after year.

For all your heating system needs, play it safe. Try a few of our energy saving tips.

For all oil heating systems, we recommend the following:

  • • Get a professional system tune- up once a year.

    (This will help ensure your system is working at peak efficiency.

    It can also help you save as much as 10 % on your

    annual fuel bills.

  • If you spend $2000.00 a year on fuel, a tune-up can save you close to $200.00.

  • Besides a tune-up annually will help alleviate potential problems such

    as frayed wires and worn out parts.

  • Have duct work checked to make sure valuable heat is not being lost through leaks.

For Hot Water Heating Systems:

  •  Place metal behind radiators or baseboards to “bounce” the heat

     back into the room.

  •  Before the heating season, remove the dust from the heating fins in the

    baseboard with a portable vacuum cleaner or soft brush. .

Tips to reduce your water heating bills:

  •  If possible, turn the water heater thermostat to a lower setting.

  •  If the water heater is located in an unheated part of the house,

    insulate it with a water heater jacket.

Always read installation instructions very carefully!. 

If you do not know, call someone to help you.

  •  Buy a new, more efficient water heater. You could save over 30 %

    and get more hot water on demand.

  • Fix hot water leaks promptly. One drop of hot water per second in

    one month adds up to 16 baths.

  • Install a low – flow shower head: you use about one –third less water per

    shower. These are available at your local home repair center or hardware

    store and can be installed with a few simple tools.

There are many tips that will help with insulation, thermostats and
general maintenance of the home that will help.

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