Dear New Customer,

Mansfield Oil & Energy hopes to find you and your family doing well and ready to start a comfortable new year.

Our goal as your Home Comfort company is to provide reasonable priced products and services.

Mansfield Oil & Energy has been in business for over 60 years and has been involved with the community over the  years. 

As a local company we take pride in our involvement. 

There are so many positive reasons to stay local.  We hope you consider staying local for the following reasons:

* A significant more money circulates within the community

* Non-profits receive the most support

*Unique businesses are an integral part of our towns character 

* Environmental Impact is reduced

*  Most new jobs are provided by local businesses

*  Customer service is better – a more personal experience – Everyone knows your name.

What Mansfield Oil & Energy does to make your home more comfortable:

  • Heating & Air Conditioning Installation/Repair.     365/24/7
  • We deliver heating oil (Biofuel)
  • Oil tank replacement.

Below you will find sign up attachment to start you on your way to becoming a new customer.

        We look forward to helping you with your Home Comfort Needs.

Thank you for choosing to stay local for your Home Comfort!

Check out our new customer incentives-coupons page!

Thank you for choosing to stay local for your personal Home Comfort.

Are you ready to switch fuel suppliers? Just moved in? We are ready to meet your fuel, installation and repair needs. Fill out this form and we will get back to you and get you set up with Mansfield Oil & Energy.
We appreciate you choosing Mansfield Oil & Energy and welcome you to our service since 1961. We strive to provide quality oil and service- please note the following a service fee of $130.00 will not be charged and waived if signing up for two years automatic deliveries- (includes customer promotions, discounts), if automatic deliveries are discontinued within two years then the charge will apply.
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