Upgrade & Save on your Heating Equipment


     If your heating oil furnace, boiler or storage tank is more than 20 years old, spring is the time to upgrade your heating equipment and take advantage  of rebates and tax credits.

        In a few weeks, rebates of up to $700, as well as up to $600, will be available to Massachusetts homeowners.

  • Get rebate of $350 when you install a new high-efficiency heating oil furnace or boiler.
  • Get a rebate of  $350 when you install a heating oil storage tank.
  • Visit DiscoverEfficiencyMass.com and go to  Equipment rebates page and read more about it.
  • Get a Federal Tax Credit of up to $600 for installing a qualified energy – efficient furnace and or boiler that  have been rated by manufacturer for use with heating oil that has minimum blend of 20% blend of biofuel.
  • Go Energystar.gov to learn more about these tax credits.

This is just the start with the new high-efficiency heating systems can reduce annual heating costs by 20% or more.

Equipment rebates are available on a first come, first served basis beginning in April. Talk to your heating oil company to learn more about securing these savings. There are many options in high-efficiency units available.

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