About Us

Mansfield Oil & Energy Company:  Family Owned & Operated since 1961.

Mansfield Oil & Energy Company delivers quality (#2) heating oil.  We also provide heating and air conditioning services for your home or small business.

When it comes to heating your home with oil, trust that you are choosing an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly fuel with Mansfield Oil & Energy Company.

Mansfield Oil & Energy offers clean, renewable Bioheat oil, a blend of 5% biofuel and 95% heating oil.  Along with improved performance and air quality, bioheat provides a renewable source for our customers.

The new technologies for a greener fuel and with the heating oil industry making great advancements with new equipment operation to provide homeowners with even more reasons to continue to utilize oil heat. 

The biofuels have been utilized for many years by companies, including ours.  It is possible for biofuel home to be a high-efficiency heating unit at a economically viable cost.

The industry has been working towards zero emissions for the last two decades.

With Mansfield Oil & Energy Company we also have an environmentally friendly storage facility.   Our storage capacity of 20,000 gallons above ground tank helps ensure a continued supply.

Mansfield Oil & Energy Company  has been at the forefront of passing along those benefits to our customers.

Our goal is to supply an exceptional product to the local homeowners and businesses in our area.

Mansfield Oil & Energy Company believe in the old school way of doing business: to provide the customer with our very best services & product.

Mansfield Oil & Energy Company has been a full-service company in this area for over 60 years. We provide quality oil and excellent service.

Many Companies come and go –  We have been around for the long haul and we intend to improve your energy efficiency in the most economical way.  We strive to make your household and ours environmentally friendly.

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