Service Maintenance Programs – Oil

                                                                                                         Oil Burner Service or Tune-Up Options

                                                                                                                May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020


Option #1 – Our Annual Tune- Up                                                                                $150.00

The annual Tune-up of your heating system includes parts required for the oil burner cleaning. This also applies to up to 1 hour of labor.  For units that require additional work, labor will be charged at normal rates.


Option #2 – The Guardian Maintenance Program                                              $300.00

Option #2 includes Option #1 plus NO CHARGE for the repair and replacement of the below listed parts. (First time requests for Plan # 2 coverage-any parts replaced at the time of cleaning will be charged at prevailing rates). Parts are for FHW and/or FHA systems.

Parts included in Guardian Maintenance Program:

  • Standard Oil Burner Motor & fan Standard
  • Fuel Pump Burner Coupling              Air Filter
  • Single Acting Aqua stat –
  • Standard Fan Limit Control
  • Standard Thermostat                       
  • Cad Cell –  complete
  • Complete Oil Filter Cartridges
  • Relays – R8184 an RA117                 Fan limit Control
  • Nozzle
  • Stand Alone Oil Gauge
  • Fuel Strainer                                      Oil Cartridge
  • Transformer

Service Coverage for heating oil (parts liste & labor): See General Conditions

                                         Oct 1– April 30: 8:00-4:00 hours under the Guardian Maintenance Policy

                                        May 1 – September 30: 8-4:00 PM under the Guardian Maintenance Policy- All other oil parts and labor will apply after these hours. Parts not listed will be charged at regular rate unless the 10 % discount applies to the program you have chosen.

Date: _______ Number of Heating Units______Hot water ____FHA___ Hot water heater______

Name: ______________________________Phone:________________

Address: ____________________________________________ Option #1 or #2____________


If you wish to add the following heating units – Added units for cleaning:

Policy for Oil Fired water Heater- $150.00 _____ or

                                   Tune-up on Oil Fired water heater –  $100.00_____

                                  Please check above if you wish to include your hot water heater unit.

These service plans DO NOT INCLUDE the following:

* Parts required as a result of abnormal conditions, such as fire, water, flood, hurricane, war, or Acts of God or out of the oil that is the customer’s fault.

* Oil tanks, or nozzles other than clean outs.

* Old GE’s (unless converted, Timkin rotaries, Winklers and all other rotaries.

* Water – related parts.

* Heating equipment rated over 3 gal/hr.

* Power venter.

It is the intent of the contract (Option # 1 or 2) to maintain existing equipment in normal running condition. Mansfield Oil & Energy Company Inc. will endeavor to render service promptly and in accordance with the customer’s requests, but will not be responsible for damage to property or for fuel oil loss as a result of a malfunction of the heating system.

This contract (option # 1 or 2) is subject to the acceptance of Mansfield Oil Company Inc. who reserves the right to decline or cancel at any time. Because this contract is available to Fuel oil customers only, the cancellation of oil deliveries automatically cancels the agreement.


Conditions of Agreement:

1. Customer must be a Mansfield Oil & Energy regularly scheduled oil delivery customer.

2.  Pre – Agreement Inspection.  The acceptance of the agreement is subject to inspection and approval by an    authorized personnel. If any part is required to bring the unit to our satisfaction, before acceptance, then the customer may be required to replace the part prior to Acceptance of the agreement.

3.  The customer must make the property available for a tune up – close to the anniversary date of the original agreement. Customer is responsible for keeping driveways,walkways, area surrounding the oil tank and any other  area for access clear.

 4.  Fee schedule is prevailing rates and subject to review.

5.  Term of agreement is one year and will be automatically extended on a year-to-year basis unless the company or customer notifies in writing within 30 days.

6. Notification of transfer or sale – the agreement will terminate.

7. Limitations of Liability – The customer hereby releases the company and agrees to hold the company harmless from all liability for any loss,damage, or injury to person or property unless the loss, damage or injury is solely caused by the negligence of the company.  The company shall not be liable for any parts pr labor due to abnormal conditions such as, but not limited to, water damage, freezing, floods, res, wars, or any acts of God, lack of access  to the property, power failures, oil run outs due to customer delinquency, changes in property causing increase consumption if not notified in writing, turning water off to boiler auto feed, failure to check  water level/pressure in boiler, steam system flushing, low water cut off or any damages incurred by customer delays or failure to request service that is beyond the companies control. Company not responsible for heat failure in unoccupied homes.  The company is not responsible for failure due to debris around the furnace.

In addition:

  1. The customer agrees that in no event of loss, damage or injury exceed an amount equal to the charge to the customer for the period of service or the maximum sum of $1,000 dollars (US).
  2. The company  will replace and repair the parts listed. Any other parts or labor not listed will be charged at applicable parts rate and service.  All parts are subject to availability. The company will not be held responsible for discontinued parts or materials.
  3. Any other parts or labor not covered under this agreement will be charged at applicable service and parts rates.There will be charges fr requests to perform simple homeowner tasks such as, but not limited to, resetting circuit breakers, changing fuses, turning up thermostats, replacing batteries, turning on emergency switches, filling the boiler with enough water to operate  properly, venting radiators, bleeding air from baseboard lines, draining expansion tanks, and resetting burners.
  4. Exclusions- any commercial equipment, suspended furnaces, or systems in areas of limited access will not be covered under this agreement. Seasonal turn-ons and turn offs are not covered under this agreement.  Multiple locations and units will require separate agreements.

                                                          For further information/details see our Conditions of agreement for added information.

Please Print & Sign as indicated – If you have Any questions –

                                                                    Please feel free to call with any questions.  1-508-339-4473

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