Mansfield Oil & Energy Co delivers a Bioheat fuel.

– Bioheat : At Mansfield Oil & Energy Co has adopted bioheat as our heating oil of choice.  Bioheat is better for your heating system, better for local farmers, economy and the environment.
-Bioheat is cleaner and a more sustainable heat. Bioheat is blend of traditional heating oil and biodiesel.  Biodiesel is heating made from renewable, domestic sources, such as Vegetable, palm or canola oils are prime examples.  
-It is heating oil with a blend of one of the above to create Bioheat with different ratios.
_ This blend is effective and burns cleaner,  putting fewer emissions than fuel that is just petroleum and it does not cost extra.  It provides the same level of heat as traditional heating oil.

– Bioheat is nontoxic, biodegradable heating source.No modifications needed on your heating system.

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To  Mansfield Oil &  Energy Customers,

We  want to assure you that Mansfield Oil & Energy and all our hard-working employees continue to be on the job for you, and we will continue to fulfill our commitment to you by delivering secure reliable Oil Deliveries, and Oil/ Air repair services. We strive to provide a safe, environment.

WE have activated our Incident Response Plan measures for social distancing best practices, including reorganizing the office and home repair services.

Mansfield Oil & Energy is financially strong  and can meet this challenge with confidence.

We are looking forward to the day when we can look back on this difficult time as a time when we all drew strength from one another. It’s what a community is all about.

Wishing you all a healthy and safe time.

Kathy, Tom & Keith, 

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