Air Conditioning Systems…

In addition to our wide range of heating systems, Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc. can provide you with air conditioning systems for your comfort in hot weather.

Whether it be an add-on unit to your existing heating system or a new “mini-split” system, we’ll handle all facets of specifying and installing the system, ensuring your comfort year-round with an efficient, economical system.

            Mansfield Oil & Energy Co.,  Inc. does repairs on all types of air conditioning systems.

                          We install new air coils, condensers and air handlers.  We also recharge systems.


Why you should have Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Properly maintaining your equipment will help maximize efficiency and lower your energy costs.

We offer convenient scheduling of your tune-up which is included with your Air conditioning Service Plan. When the heat arrives, your cooling system will be tuned to run at its best, providing you with cooling and comfort all summer.

Just  a Tune -up fee  (not the Annual Air Conditioning Policy)  :                 $200.00 per unit 

The Annual Efficiency Tune-up includes:

1.      Test compressor operating voltage and amperage

2.      Lubricate and check all motors as applicable

3.      Check fan belts and adjust as applicable

4.      Check and flush condensate drain

5.      Check visible electrical connections and wiring

6.      Check and flush condensate pump

8.      Test pressure cutout switches as applicable

9.      Check thermostat for proper operation

10.   Check compressor-starting contact

11.   Check condenser blade and motor bearings

12.   Check blower wheel and bearings

13.   Check condenser electrical disconnect switch

14.   Check evaporator coil (if accessible)

15.   Check controls and safety switches

                                                                               Combine & Save

                                                Stay Cool & Calm!

                            Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

                          Check out your Opportunity for  Savings –

           $20.00 off tune-up on air conditioning unit if booked before June  1

                                  Other offers:

                   Up to $200.00 off for complete air conditioning installation

                                              $100.00 off mini-split or $100.00 off condenser or air handler) or

                                 Discount does not apply to charging R22/410 of an air conditioning  unit.

                                                      Not to be combined with any other offer.