AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE PLAN                        $250.00  Annually per unit

                                    The Annual Efficiency Tune-up includes:

  1. Test compressor operating voltage and amperage

  2. Lubricate and check all motors

  3. Check fan belts and adjust if needed.

  4. Replace standard one-inch air filters or wash electronic air cells

  5. Check condenser coil

  6. Check and flush condensate drain

  7. Check electrical connections and wiring

  8. Check crank case heater

  9. Check and flush condensate pump

  10. Test pressure cutout switches

  11. Check thermostat for proper operation

  12. Check compressor-starting contactor

  13. Check condenser blade and motor bearings

  14. Check blower wheel and bearings

  15. Check condenser electrical disconnect switch

  16. Check evaporator coil (if accessible)

  17. Check controls and safety switches

Emergency Priority Service

Rest assured if your system  is repaired, count on our priority service to put you at  the top of the list.

Cleaner Indoor Air

New Air filters each year can make a difference in the amount of dust and particles blowing through a hot air system

Benefits also include:

  • 10% Discount on Service -parts only -Air Conditioning Service Plan customers receive a 10% discount on service repairs (excludes system replacements)See General Conditions #7..(Does not include charging units with R22 or 401A).

  • Annual Cooling System Efficiency Tune-Up Keep your cooling system running at peak efficiency for reliable comfort and energy savings all year long.

  • Up to $200 New Cooling System Discounts Should you need a new central air conditioning system or ductless mini-split system, when installed by Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc., you will receive a discount for being enrolled in our Air Conditioning Service Plan.($100.00 off mini-split or $100.00 off condenser or air handler installation).

  • Priority Service & Scheduling Air Conditioning Service Plan customers will receive daytime priority service from our highly skilled and licensed technician.

Air Conditioning Service Plan for Central A/C and mini-Split Systems

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