Automatic Fuel Oil Agreement

      This agreement also serves as a notice to Customers, Prospective and New Customers of Our Company Policy.

Automatic Fuel Delivery Agreement

If you wish to receive scheduled fuel oil deliveries. please read the following and sign where indicated below. This agreement is part of your oil and service agreement with Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc. Hereinafter the term “your” refers to the customer, and the term “we” refers to Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc..

Automatic Deliveries defined

To determine automatic deliveries, we use a computer model of your recent history of automatic deliveries and our own daily record of the winter during the same time in history to create a usage factor.  We then apply that factor to the current weather records to determine when your next delivery should be.  If you have been a Mansfield Oil & Energy Company Customer for the past two years, we use an actual record of automatic deliveries by us.  If you are a new Mansfield Oil & Energy Customer we estimate your deliveries on the type and square footage of your home.

Automatic Deliveries are Estimated

We Schedule deliveries when we estimate you have used about three-quarters of the fuel available in your tank.  There is no guarantee that your tank will always be kept full, and we expressly disclaim any guarantee.

Factors that Will Affect Frequency of Automatic Deliveries

Automatic oil deliveries are based on estimates, it is not an exact science. That is because there are variables that effect the rate of fuel usage or even the amount of hot water or heat used that are beyond our control and for which we are not responsible. These factors include without limitations, the following:

  • Changes in weather

  • Increases and decreases in the amount of time people occupy the home due to work, vacations and other reasons.

  • Irregular use of the home because it is used on weekends, for vacations, or a seasonal home. Fuel use varies with the amount the home is used rather than when occupied part-time.

  • Increases and decreases of  the number of people in the home.

  • Changes in thermostat settings, such as turning up the thermostat for a senior citizen, newborn, or ill and injured person in the home.

  • Poorly functioning equipment, ( furnace or boiler etc.).

  • Equipment malfunction or leak in the oil tank or supply line.

  • Use of other heating equipment, such as wood stoves, heat pump, and fireplaces.

  • Unusual exposure to wind, especially in poor insulated buildings.

  • Remodeling, construction.

  • Increase in hot water or heat use  for any reason,

  • Receiving oil deliveries from another supplier.

All Deliveries are to be From Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc.

Your should never receive fuel oil from another supplier unless you notify us in advance.  If you have more than one supplier filing your tank it can cause significant problems.  We will not knowingly share your account with another supplier,

Your Responsibility to Monitor Your Fuel System & Equipment

It is your responsibility to check for leaks in your fuel tank, lines or supply pipes and to monitor the operation of your system, lines or supply pies and to monitor the operation of your system and the level of fuel in your tank.  Mansfield Oil * Energy expressly disclaims a duty of responsibility to monitor your  system or fuel levels or to check for such leaks. If you are away, you should have you home or property checked daily to make certain your equipment is operating properly and that your tank has adequate fuel.

Change or Interruption in  Fuel Oil Usage Requires a call to Mansfield Oil & Energy

If you believe for any reason your usage of fuel has changed or has been interrupted, you should contact us immediately at the phone above- particularly if the fuel goes below 1/4 of a tank.

In no event shall Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc.  be liable for indirect, special or consequential damages for the non-delivery of fuel, including without limitation, any equipment failure or frozen pipes or other damage(s). Mansfield Oil & Energy specifically disclaims any responsibility or liability for damages, including without limitation, personal injury or property damage arising in whole or part from failure to make deliveries due to any reason beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation, wholesaler supplier disruption, labor unrest, disputes or strikes, war, terrorism, shortages or rationing fuel, any inability for any reason to obtain sufficient quantities of fuel from any of our suppliers at the price, terms or time that the supplier  agreed, mercantile exchange volatility, acts of God, or arising out of the failure to supply fuel when the payments for fuel or service have not been made in accordance with our credit terms.

If payments for fuel or services are not made in accordance with our credit terms, fuel deliveries and/or service may be stopped without notice.

By signing below as Customer, you indicate your understanding and acceptance of the terms in this agreement.

General Conditions

  1. This agreement is between the customer and Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc., herein referred to as the Company.  This agreement will automatically suspend if the customer ceases to pay for repair, parts, labor or other chargeable items when due, or renders or permits anyone other than the Company to perform service to oil/gas, air conditioning, or heat pump system. and associated equipment, unless instructed by he Company before hand. There shall be no obligation upon the Company to perform any service or provide parts after termination of this agreement. Upon termination there will be no refund or credits allowed. this agreement is transferable.
  2. This agreement is offered to all customers subject to an inspection and approval of their equipment. If upon inspection, customer’s equipment is found to be unacceptable or obsolete, customer’s contract coverage will be cancelled and prorated refund will be returned to the cumbersome. Repairs required to  place equipment in acceptable conditions are excluded and will  be charged separately.

  3. This agreement will become effective immediately following the inspection and approval of the customers equipment ,as required above, and payment of the Air Conditioning Service Plan Guardian Maintenance Plan or any agreed upon plan chosen will be due and payable.  This agreement is for a 12 -month period and will automatically renew. IF the customer cancels the plan for any reason before the end of the service period, the customer is responsible for the remaining balance of the service plan. The plan and billing will renew automatically at the annual start date unless cancelled by either party with written notice at least 30 days prior to the anniversary date.

  4. Priority Service is defined as first available service and will be billed at normal business hour rates (M-F 8:00AM -5:00PM) Priority Service provided on holidays and outside of the normal hours will be subject to prevailing rate of 1.5 times with a minimum of one hour of labor.

  5. Only Emergency will be performed of normal working hours. Emergency Service shall be defined at heat or air conditioning problem creating an unsafe condition or causing damage to property.  Non-emergency work, if requested, will be billed at  our standard overtime rates.

  6. This agreement does not cover repair or service of this equipment damaged due to fire, flood, lightning, freeze- up acts of god, or civil disturbance.

  7. The Company’s obligation to furnish parts specifically listed herein shall be subject to the availability of parts through usual supply sources.

  8. The Company shall be liable solely for repairs to the covered equipment. Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for any consequence or resultant damages or injury (including death)to persons or property, nor for damages resulting form defective equipment;loss of damage resulting for operation or non- operation of said equipment delays in performing service; making repairs or installations of parts because of strikes , accidents, explosions, or shortage or due to other conditions beyond the control of the Company.

  9. The 10% service repair discount associated with the Air Conditioning Service Plan is only eligible toward the replacement /repair on the existing cooling system in place.  The respective plan discount will not be valid toward service work associated with upgrading equipment, converting energy sources, or new equipment installations.

  10. This agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties hereto and there are no promises, terms, conditions, or obligations other than printed herein.

  11. Customer will receive an annual $25.00 discount on any bundled service plans upon renewal.

  12. Customers who choose to pay their Service Plan Monthly will be automatically billed through your MasterCard, Visa, Discover card, or bank debit card.

  13. This agreement applies to homeowners and small businesses.

           Ask about our larger unit air conditioning/heating service plans.