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Budget Payment Plan

Tired of paying high oil bills during the winter months? No payments through the summer without a heating bill?

  • Our Season Budget Payment Plan makes it easy for you to make a payment in equal amounts once a month, rather than face the ups and downs of a winter- only billing.(Please advice us of the payment terms that are best for you 9/10/12 months).

  • Payments are spread out to make it easier to plan your budget.

  • We will charge our posted price which is determined at the time of delivery.

  • Your monthly cost is estimated in advance, so you will know your monthly payment in advance.

  • The Budget Payment Plan protects your heating costs along a straight line instead of us billing you monthly,

  • We can include the Guardian Maintenance Policy on the Budget.

You get ahead of  heating expenses, because you can track your total budget that much better.Coupons or other discounts DO NOT apply to Budget payments or deliveries made under this program.



  •                           Terms & Conditions for Budget:

1.   Payment terms are equal payments beginning July 1, 2016 for the period of time
(9, or 10 months), due the first of each month. Budget payments received after the
5th of the month will be considered late.
2.   Each home is as individual in usage as your individual budget amount. We will have to
calculate your individual factor on the information you give us. Such as home style, square footage  and  whether you are FHA or FHW.  There are a few other factors that will be asked to calculate your personal numbers
3.  For your added convenience you can enroll in our Automatic Delivery Program.Automatic delivery for each individual is determined by using daily temperatures,summer-winter hook up and consumption.
4.    Our Goal is to offer you, the customer, a way to spread payments over a longer period
of time. Instead of having to worry about a big bill showing up at an inconvenient time.
This way you will have consistent monthly payments.
5.    Any non-payment or returned check of monthly Budget due will void this contract..
Deliveries will be suspended pending approval from Credit Department.
6.    For added convenience your monthly Budget Plan Payments can be automatically
billed to your VISA, Master card, or Discover.
7.   At the end of the heating season, May 31, 2017, any credit balances will be taken into
consideration for the computation of you new payment for the next heating season.
8.   Any balances due must be paid in full prior to renewing your Budget Payment Plan Contract.
9.   The Budget Plan is not self -renewing. Renewals must be signed and
returned to be eligible for the program. We need to hear from you!!
10. If you start the program late and our payments have already begun, you are responsible
for catching up on back payments.Payments are May thought April and June through
March Only. They CANNOT and WILL Not be extend.
11. If for some reason your fuel usage is increased (i.e. More people in the home, construction, or
anything that may alter your usage) it must be reported to us immediately.. You agree that
outages resulting from past due account balances a change in rate of consumption from
prior deliveries, tank and/or venting problems, incorrect information, or your account is placed
on will call status are not the responsibility of Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc.
12. We strongly recommend all storage tanks to be equipped with overfill protection including
the installation of a vent alarm. Frozen oil lines, sludge or equipment failure remain the sole
responsibility of the homeowner or tenant. We are happy to install and repair equipment.
13. We reserve the right to cancel your contract at any time, at our option, if payment
is not received for services or other charges when due or if you do no comply with
these terms and conditions.
14. If a balance is not paid in a timely manner you can be considered in default. Default means
we can demand immediate payment on the full balance. If we refer collection for the balance
to an attorney or collection agency, you will be liable for all reasonable fees
incurred plus all court costs and expenses.
15. All Budget customers whose payments have been made on time will receive 10 cents (.10)
per gallon discount for all oil delivered during the 2016-2017. This credit will appear on your
account May 31, 2017. All budget payments must be received by the 5th of each month and any
and all outstanding balances must be paid within the time specified by our Credit Dept. to
qualify for the discount.
Please read all terms and conditions under General Terms before signing and submitting this contract.
A member of our staff is available to answer any questions you may have.
The last page of this agreement must be returned with your first month’s payment.
If you are not sure of your payment, please call so that we may calculate one for you.
Please call for a copy!

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