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 Option #1: OUR ANNUAL TUNE – UP                                                $300.00

    • Annual System Efficiency Tune-Up

 Includes parts required for oil burner cleaning, (standard nozzle, filter, and strainer). This applies to up to 1 hour of labor.  For units that require additional work, labor will be charged  at normal rates.


                    May 1, 2024 to April 30, 2025

Includes option #1, plus no charge or repair an replacement on the listed parts below.

First time requests for Option 2 coverage – any parts replaced at the time of cleaning will be charged at prevailing rates. Parts are for FHW &/or FHA systems.

Parts listed: Standard oil burner motor & fan, Fan Limit Control, Oil Filter Cartridges, stand alone oil gauge, standard Fuel pump, standard digital thermostat, oil primary- R 7284U, Burner Igniter, Burner coupling, cad-cell complete, Nozzle.

Service Coverage for Heating Oil (parts listed & labor): 7 days a week including Holidays

Oct 1 – April 30: 24 Hours a day under policy May 1 -Sept 30 :8 AM -5PM under policy. May 1,- September 30: 8 AM to 5 PM under the Policy.

The Service plan does not include:

Parts required as a result of abnormal conditions(such as: fire flood, hurricane, war, or Acts of God);

Oil Tanks;

Water related parts;

Heating Equipment rated over 3 gal/hr;

Power venter.

It is the intent of the service (Option 1 or 2) to maintain existing equipment in normal running condition.   Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc. will endeavor to render service promptly and in accordance with customer request, but will not be responsible for damage to property or for fuel loss as a result  of a malfunction of the heating system.

This agreement (Option 1  & 2 ) is subject to acceptance of Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc., who reserves the right to cancel or decline at any time. Because the contract is available to FUEL OIL CUSTOMERS ONLY, the cancellation of oil deliverie s automatically cancels this agreement.  

If you wish to add the hot water heater – please see below.

                    Please call if you have any questions – 1 508 339 4473 

  • Keeps your heating system running at peak efficiency for reliable comfort and energy savings all year long. Just like changing the oil in your car, your furnace should be maintained on a routine basis. Major benefits of doing so include:
    • Savings of up to $10.00 on your annual energy costs
    • Identifying and correcting problems before they become expensive, inconvenient repairs
    • Extending the life of your heating system.

See our coupon for a Furnace or Boiler Replacement.  Coupon allows for a Discount Should you need a heating system replacement when installed by Mansfield Oil * Energy Co.,Inc. , you will receive a discount for being enrolled in our Guardian Maintenance  Plan.

  • Priority Service & Scheduling Guardian Maintenance Service Plan customers will receive daytime priority service from our highly skilled and licensed technicians.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service In addition to the benefit of daytime priority service, Guardian Maintenance Service Plan customers have extended 24/7/365 emergency service available (at a 10% discount on parts). Whenever you need us, we will be there for you.
  • Option #3:  WATER HEATER SERVICE PLAN     $250.00

         Annual System Efficiency Tune-Up

Includes standard nozzle, filter, and strainer.

  • See General Conditions #7.
  • Must be done in conjunction with the heating system efficiency tune-up.

Option #4: WATER HEATER TUNE-UP                                                        $175.00

  • Annual System Efficiency Tune-Up
  • Includes standard nozzle, filter, and strainer.